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At Scruffle, we scour the earth to bring you the products for your pets that are not only designed for their health and happiness, but which support smaller manufacturers, artisans and inventors, as well as being sustainably sourced and, where possible using natural materials.

We add to our range on a weekly basis so please keep popping back to see what we have added next. After all, happy pets means happy humans!

FREE Gift of the Month – The World's Best Pet Hair Remover!

When you spend £30 or more, we will send you the free gift of the month. This month it's this amazing pet hair remover! This pet hair remover never needs refilling with sticky paper, there's no fuss and no bother. It just works!


Our Story – Created with Love

It all started with a Miniature Schnauzer called Charlie.

Charlie developed diabetes at the age of 6, and as a result, his adult friends needed to make sure he had constant access to water. They tried many products available on the market today, from bowls to fountains, but they didn’t suit him.

Our designer was asked to make something that would allow Charlie constant and comfortable access to water, but that he couldn’t tip (or move!)

The result was the first PetWeighter. And it worked! Now the PetWeighter is enjoying success on both sides of the Atlantic but we wanted to bring more products to the table.

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Petweighter – Exclusive to Scruffle

The weighted pet bowl that stays put!

The weighted pet bowl that stays! Fill the base with sand or water for heavy weight. Place the bowl on top and voila! No more moving meals or soggy socks!