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Brightkins Gnome Treat Dispenser

Brightkins Gnome Treat Dispenser

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Wiggle, Wobble, Snack! Load this bouncing rubber-tough dog treat dispenser with dry treats or kibble, then watch dogs use their brains (and paws) to free the tasty snacks inside and play their own dog games!

  • Doubles as Slow Feeder: When used at mealtime, this pet treat dispenser encourages fast eaters to slow down and avoid upset stomach!
  • Sniff Out The Fun!: As dogs sniff out their snacks with this colorful dog treat toy, they’ll also build enrichment and burn energy—20 minutes of sniffing is equal to a one-hour walk!
  • Easy to Clean: Brightkins interactive dog treat puzzles and treat dispensers are easy-to-clean and made from BPA-free materials
  • Brightkins dog toys are the perfect gift for any dog lover!
  • Small approx 11cm in height, Large approx 13.7cm in height
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