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LickiMat® Tuff™ Buddy™

LickiMat® Tuff™ Buddy™

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LickiMat® Tuff™ Buddy™ is very tough!

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Perfect for dogs that chew things. Safe for teething puppies. A virtually indestructible version of the Classic LickiMat® Buddy™.

Slow feeder. Reduces anxiety and boredom. Serves healthy treats. Suitable for Dogs of all sizes and Cats of all sizes.

  • Authentic LickiMat® Boredom Buster for Dogs and Cats
  • Perfect for Pet Treats, Yoghurt, Spreads, Raw Food, Liquid Food, Pet Food
  • Slow Feeder, Healthy and Fun Alternative to a Slow Feed Bowl.
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