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LickiMat® Tuff™ Soother™

LickiMat® Tuff™ Soother™

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Entertain, Distract AND Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Boredom with LickiMat® Tuff™ Soother™

Licking releases endorphins. Dogs lick to calm themselves when stressed. LickiMat® is ideal for anxiety, grooming, training and thunderstorms.

  • Made from non-toxic food grade TPR (Rubber)
  • Freezer safe
  • Microwave friendly
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • No PVC
  • No Phthalates
  • No Silicone
  • Dimensions: L: 20cm x W: 20cm x H: 1.4cm / L: 8" x W: 8" x H: 0.5"
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