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SuperNature Pumpkinz Dried Pumpkin Powder for Dogs

SuperNature Pumpkinz Dried Pumpkin Powder for Dogs

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Used as a remedy for digestive issues 100% natural pumpkin powder is naturally rich in fibre which helps to regulate the digestive system and firm up loose stools.

Use wet or dry during times of digestive upset or as a healthy vitamin & mineral packed treat for your dog.

Veterinary approved & 100% natural with no fillers.

  • 100% pure & natural pumpkin
  • Stool firming
  • Digestive support
  • Great for runny tummies & enrichment, licking mats etc
  • Nutrient boost
  • Vegan, plant based
  • Sprinkle onto any food or add water to make a puree
  • Veterinary approved
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